Craig M. Anderson

Craig M. Anderson

Wallace Benjamin Flint and L. May Hawver Professor of Chemistry
Professor of Chemistry

Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar (2011-2016)

Office: Reem-Kayden Center 138
Phone: 845-752-2356


  • Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Université de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec. Thesis: Solution and Structural Chemistry of Ruthenium Imidazole Complexes. Advisor: André L. Beauchamp.
  • M.Sc., Organometallic Chemistry, Western University, London, Ontario. Thesis: Reactivity of Dimethylplatinum(II) Complexes. Advisor: Richard J. Puddephatt.
  • B.Sc., Honours Chemistry, Western University. Thesis: Studies of a Trinuclear Platinum Cluster. Advisor: Richard J. Puddephatt.


Research Interests

We are interested in the study of transition metal complexes with general applications towards bioinorganic and catalytic systems.

Examples of current projects:

  • The synthesis of new platinum complexes with chiral and heterocyclic ligands. The study of the oxidative addition reactions of alkyl halides, such as MeI, to the new orthometallated platinum complexes which contain chiral sites in order to determine the stereoselectivity of such reactions.
  • The design and synthesis of new ligands in order to produce bis-orthometalled platinum complexes. Such complexes have applications as OLEDs and light harvesting devices.
  • The synthesis of di- and multi-nuclear complexes of platinum, iron, and/or ruthenium using bridging ligands containing nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorus and determining their reactivities with biomimetic molecules. It is speculated that the new complexes will have anti-tumor properties.

Awards and Funding:

2014-2017; $216,000  CHE-1362858, "RUI: Cyclometalated Platinum Complexes Having Selective Reactivity and Applications in Catalytic, Photophysical, and Bio-Organometallic Systems " has been funded by the Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms B Program of the Chemistry Division of the NSF (

2011-2016; $60,000.  Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.

2011-2014; CHE-1058936  $198,000.  "RUI: Selective C-H and C-X Bond Activation to Platinum(II) and Reactivity of the Cyclometalated Complexes ,"  has been funded by the Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms Program of the Chemistry Division of the NSF (

Research Students Supervised at Bard:

Bard College Senior Research Project Advisees:

  • Erin Miksic (2003-2004); N.P., Johns Hopkins
  • Mahmud Hussain (2004-2005); PhD, UPenn; Post-Doc, Broad/Harvard
  • Amnon Herman (2005); Yeshiva School, Jerusalem
  • Peter Milano (2005-2006); M.D., University of Florida
  • James Morris (2006-2007); PhD, University of Rochester
  • Skylar Ferrara (2006-2007); PhD, Tulane
  • Alexander Kuc (2007-2008); M.S., Columbia; Medical School St. George's
  • Eber Wright (2008-2009); M.S., Georgetown; Medical School St. George's
  • Nicholas Sharac (2008-2009); PhD, UC Irvine
  • Ava Kreider-Mueller (2008-2009); PhD, Columbia
  • Paul Jordan (2009); PhD, Montana State
  • Leah Ladner (2009-2010)
  • Lisa Silber (2010-2011); M.S., LIU; Employed at Mt. Sinai
  • Nicole Kfoury (2011-2012); Grad School, Tufts
  • Isabelle Taylor (2011-2012); Grad School, UCSF
  • Perry Scheetz;  Grad School Dartmouth
  • Michael Weinstein;  Grad School Tufts
  • Matteo Chierchia; Grad School Boston College
  • Leila Duman; Grad School University of Maryland
  • Tedros Balema
  • Matthew Greenberg, Graduate School Columbia University
  • Kody Chen
  • Julienne Sarabia
  • Sumedha Guha

Other Research Students:

  • Ryan Mesina;  Employed at WSJ
  • Karin Kram;  PhD, Columbia; Post-doc, USC, Faculty Cal State
  • Samir Taveri; Grad School, UMDNJ  
  • Nusrah Hussain;  PhD, UPenn
  • Mihai Duduta;  Employed at 24M Technologies
  • Marielle DuToit; Grad School Duke, (Previously Pace Analytical)
  • Nina Jankovik
  • Emmanuel Krantz; Employed at Accenture
  • Michael Levine; Grad School, Cornell
  • Seb Cendron; Grad School, Tufts
  • Thant Koko
  • David Goldberg
  • David Yu
  • Kyan Jain

Publications (2005– )

asterisk (*) indicates corresponding author; underline indicates undergraduate author

  • Craig M. Anderson*, Matthew W. Greenberg, Tedros A. Balema, Leila M. Duman, Nathaniel Oh, Asad Hashmi, Leah Ladner, Kyan Jain, David Yu, and Joseph M. Tanski.  Regioselective Formation of Six-Membered and Five-Membered Cyclometalated Platinum ComplexesTetrahedron Letters, 56, 46, 2015, 6352–6355.
  • Craig M. Anderson*, Swapan S. Jain, Lisa Silber, Kody Chen, Sumedha Guha, Wancong Zhang, Emily C. McLaughlin, Yongfeng Hu, and Joseph M. Tanski.  Synthesis and Characterization of Water-Soluble, Heteronuclear Ruthenium(III)/Ferrocene Complexes and Their Interactions with Biomolecules  Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 145, 2015, 41-50.
  • Craig M. Anderson*, Margarita Crespo*, Nicole Kfoury, Michael Weinstein, Joseph M. Tanski.  Regioselective C-H Activation Preceded by Csp2- Csp3 Reductive Elimination from Cyclometalated Platinum(IV). Organometallics2013, 32 (15), pp 4199–4207.
  • Swapan Jain*, Craig Anderson*, Francesca DiRienzo, Isabelle R. Taylor, Kyan Jain, Sumedha Guha, Nushrat Hoque.  RNA binding and yeast growth inhibition by a Ru(III)-Pt(II) metal complex.  Chem. Commun., 2013, 49, 5031.
  • Craig M. Anderson,* Isabelle R. Taylor, Michael F. Tibbetts, Jessica Philpott, Yongfeng Hu, and Joseph M. Tanski. Hetero-multinuclear Ruthenium(III)/Platinum(II) Complexes That Potentially Exhibit Both Antimetastatic and Antineoplastic Properties.  Inorg. Chem. 2012, 51, 12917−12924.
  • Craig M. Anderson,* Michael A. Weinstein, James Morris, Nicole Kfoury, Leila Duman, Tedros A. Balema, Ava Kreider-Mueller, Perry Scheetz, Skylar Ferrara, Matteo Chierchia, Joseph M. Tanski.  Biscyclometalated platinum complexes with thiophene ligands.  Journal of Organometallic Chemistry723, 2013, 188-197.
  • Margarita Crespo,* Craig M. Anderson,* Nicole Kfoury, Mercè Font-Bardia, and Teresa Calvet.  Reductive Elimination from Cyclometalated Platinum(IV) Complexes to Form Csp2- Csp3 Bonds and Subsequent Competition between Csp2 - H and Csp3 - H Bond Activation.  Organometallics, 2012, 31, 4401-4404.
  • Craig M. Anderson,* Skylar Ferrara, Ava Kreider-Mueller, Joseph M. Tanski. Poly[[mu]3-chlorido-[mu]2-chloridodichlorido([mu]-dimethyl sulfoxide-[kappa]2O:S)(dimethyl sulfoxide-[kappa]O)([mu]-pyrimidine-[kappa]2N:N')ruthenium(III)sodium]. Acta Cryst E, 2011, E67, m756-m757.
  • Craig M. Anderson,* Margarita Crespo,* Joseph M. Tanski. Synthesis and Reactivity of Coordination and Cyclometallated Platinum Complexes Containing a Bulky Diimine Ligand. Organometallics, 2010, 29, 2676-2684.
  • Margarita Crespo,* Craig M. Anderson,* Joseph M. Tanski. Synthesis of platinum(II) cyclometallated compounds derived from imines containing pyridyl or pyrimidyl groups, Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2009, 87, 80-87. Special Issue dedicated to Richard J. Puddephatt.
  • Amnon Herman, Joseph M. Tanski, Michael F. Tibbetts, Craig M. Anderson.* Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro evaluation of a potentially selective anticancer, mixed-metal [ruthenium(III)-platinum(II)] trinuclear complex, Inorganic Chemistry, 2008, 47, 274-280.
  • Craig M. Anderson*, Amnon Herman, Fernande Rochon. Synthesis and characterization of ionic Ru(III) complexes containing dimethylsulfoxide and dinitrogen heterocyclic ligands, Polyhedron, 26 (2007) 3661–3668.
  • Joanne D. Kehlbeck, Eric J. Dimise, Sarah M. Sparks, Skylar Ferrara, Joseph M. Tanski, Craig M. Anderson.* A Practical and Efficient Synthesis of 1-Substituted m-Terphenyls, Synthesis, 2007, 1979-1983.
  • Craig Anderson,* Margarita Crespo, James Morris, Joseph M. Tanski. Cyclometallated Platinum Complexes with Chiral Ligands, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 691 (2006) 5647–5653.
  • Craig Anderson*, Daniel Freedman, Michael Jennings, Brenda Gray. Dimethylplatinum(II) Complexes with Isocyanocoumarin Ligands: The Crystal Structure of cis-dimethylbis-(7-ethylamino-3-isocyanocoumarin)platinum (II), Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 690/1 (2005) 168-176.
  • Craig Anderson.* Presumptive and Confirmatory Drug Tests, Journal of Chemical Education, 2005, 82, 1809-1811.

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