Christopher LaFratta

Christopher LaFratta

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Office: Reem Kayden Center 132
Phone: 845-752-2353


2010 NIH TEACRS Post-Doctoral Fellow Tufts University
2006 PhD Chemistry University of Maryland College Park 
2001 BS Chemistry University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 


Basic Principles of Chemistry I                                CHEM 141
Basic Principles of Chemistry II                               CHEM 142
Physical Chemistry                                                   CHEM 311
Analytical/Physical Chemistry Laboratory               CHEM 350
Nanochemistry                                                          CHEM 471

Research Interests

Our group is interested in developing new tools to fabricate devices and perform chemical analysis at the microscale.

Specific Projects

1) We are improving the resolution of direct laser writing (DLW) lithography using a 405 nm laser by using chemical additives and also by incorporating a second near-IR laser. 
2) We are investigating the use of DLW to pattern the electrochemical growth of metals. 
3) We are combining DLW and conventional lithography to take advantage of their benefits while minimizing the shortcomings of each.

Current Lab Members

Cecily Rosenbaum ('21)
Stella Schneeberg ('21)
Curtis Sirkoch ('20)
Kyle Zigner ('19)
Sarah Morris ('19)
Matthew Murphy ('18)


Lab Alumni

Garret Clifton ('17) employed NYC
Zhe Mei ('16) PhD Program Yale
Paul Lawrence ('16) PhD Program Tufts
Eric Will ('16) employed
Ayda Gonzalez ('16) PhD Program Emory
Miles Lim ('17) PhD program UCLA
Olja Simoska
(’15) PhD program Chemistry UT Austin
Hannah Otto (’15) employed
Shuyi Weng (’15) PhD program Mathematics Northwestern
Jasper Williams (’14) PhD program Biochemistry UC San Francisco
Ian Pelse (’14) PhD program Chemistry Georgia Tech
Clare Wheeler (’14) employed
Miles Ingram (’14) Wyss Institute Harvard Medical School
Min Shinn (’14) PhD program Physics Univ. Washington (St. Louis)
Eric Reed (’13) MD program SUNY Upstate Medical University
Jose Luis Falla (’13) PhD program Physics UC Boulder
Andres Medina (’13) Masters program Mechanical Engineering Columbia
Tiago Moura (’13) employed
Youseung Kim (’12) DO program at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Yi (Brian) Liu (’12) PhD program Chemistry Georgia Tech
Sebastien Cendron (’11) graduate studies at Tufts University


(undergraduate co-authors are underlined)

27. Lim M., Guo X., Grunblatt E. L., Clifton G. M., Gonzalez A. N., LaFratta C. N.* Augmenting Mask-Based Lithography with Direct Laser Writing to Increase Resolution and Speed. Optics Express 2018, 26 (6), 7085-7090.

26.  LaFratta C. N., Baldacchini T.*  Two-Photon Polymerization Metrology: Characterization     Methods of Mechanism and Microstructure.  Micromachines. 2017, 8, 101 doi:10.3390/mi8040101

25. LaFratta C.N.*, Simoska O., Pelse I., Weng S., Ingrams M.  A Convenient Direct Laser Writing System for the Creation of Microfluidic Masters. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2015, 19(2), 419-426.

24. LaFratta C.N.*, Lie L.  (2015). Making Two-Photon Polymerization Faster. Tommaso Baldacchini (Ed.) Three-Dimensional Microfabrication Using Two-Photon Polymerization.  Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier.

23. LaFratta C.N.*  (2015). Nanoreplication and Surface Processing.  Robert Liska (Ed.) Nano- and Microstructuring Using Multiphoton Lithography.  Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. 

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16. Palacios, M., Benito-Peña, E., Manesse, M., Mazzeo, A., LaFratta, C.N., Whitesides, G.M., and Walt, D.R.* Infobiology by printed arrays of microorganism colonies for timed and on demand release of messages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 2011, 108, 16510-16514. (PNAS top 10 stories of 2011, highlighted in Science, the March 2012 issue of National Geographic Magazine, and dozens of other media outlets)

15. LaFratta C.N., Huh S.P., Mallilin A., Riviello P.J., Walt D.R.* Visualizing Fluorescence: Using a Homemade Fluorescence “Microscope” to View Latent Fingerprints on Paper. Journal of Chemical Education. 2010, 87, 1105-1107.

14. Thomas S.W., Chiechi R.C., LaFratta C.N., Webb M.R., Lee A., Wiley B.J., Zakin M.R., Walt D.R., Whitesides G.M.* Infochemistry and Infofuses: Chemical Storage and Transfer of Coded Information. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 2009, 106(23), 9147-9150. (highlighted: Chemical & Engineering News June 1, 2009)

13. Deiss F., LaFratta C.N., Symer M., Blicharz T.M., Sojic N., Walt D.R.* Multiplexed Sandwich Immunoassays using Electrochemiluminescence Imaging Resolved at the Single Bead Level. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2009, 131(17), 6088-6089.

12. Webb M.R., LaFratta C.N., Walt D.R.* Chromatically Resolved Optical Microscope (CROMoscope) – A Grating-Based Instrument for Spectral Imaging. Analytical Chemistry. 2009, 81(17), 7309-7313. (highlighted in Analytical Chemistry, August 4, 2009)

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1. Bessette R.R.,* Medeiros M.G., Patrissi C.J., Deschenes C.M., LaFratta C.N. Development and Characterization of a Novel Carbon Fiber Based Cathode for Semi-Fuel Cell Applications. Journal of Power Sources. 2001, 96(1), 240-244.

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