Marc Koyack

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Office:  Reem-Kayden Center 130
Phone: 845-752-2352


• Post-doctoral Research Associate, University at Buffalo (2009-2012)

     Research Advisor: Raj Rajnarayan

• Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, University at Buffalo (2009)

     Dissertation Advisor: Richard Cheng

• B.S., Biochemistry, Niagara University (2002)


• Basic Principles of Chemistry I: (Chemistry 141)

• Organic Chemistry II: Reactivity and Synthesis (Chemistry 202)

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the design and synthesis of non-natural peptidomimetic foldamers that adopt biologically inspired structures with the intent of demonstrating bioactivity.

Specific Projects

• The design of helical β-peptides that disrupt protein-protein interactions through specific binding at discreet protein interfaces

• The development of small molecule melatonin agonists and antagonists


CIBA Young Scientist Award 2010

Selected Publications

Koyack MJ, Cheng RP. 2006. Design and Synthesis of β-peptides with Biological Activity. Meth Mol Biol. 340, 95-109.

Koyack MJ, Cheng RP. 2007. “Biological Applications of Foldamers” in Foldamers. Wiley-VCH. 229-266.

Cheng RP, Girinath P, Suzuki Y, Kuo HT, Hsu HC, Wang WR, Yang PA, Gullickson D, Wu CH, Koyack MJ, Chiu HP, Weng YJ, Hart P, Kokona B, Fairman R, Lin TE, Barrett O. 2010. Positional Effects on Helical Ala- Based Peptides Biochemistry. 49, 43, 9372-8.

Cheng RP, Weng, Y, Wang W, Koyack MJ, Suzuki Y, Wu C, Yang P, Hsu H, Kuo H, Girinath P. Helix Formation and Capping Energetics of Arginine Analogs with Varying Side Chain Length. 2012. Amino Acids 43 (1) 195-206.

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